Loss of Erection During Sex: Causes and Treatment

loss of erectionWhy do you lose erection during sex? This question often worries representatives of the strong half of humanity and their women. There are various reasons for lack of erection during sexual intercourse. However, there are many ways that will help you get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon and cure erectile dysfunction.

Read in the article:

  1. Loss of erection during sex – causes

    • Psychological problems
    • Physiological problems
  2. Loss of erection during sex: treatment.

Loss of erection during sex – causes

The penis quickly returns to the relaxed state during sexual act – it sounds rather terrifying. Many men begin to worry that they have erectile dysfunction. But do not panic at once.

It is important, what age category you have.

Erectile dysfunction causes at the ages of 20 and 50 may differ. However, we can distinguish three main erectile dysfunction risk factors which provoke loss of erection during sexual intercourse or before sex.

Erectile dysfunction: psychological causes

Loss of erection during sex or before it is often associated with a variety of psychological factors. These problems are individual, but we can single out the most frequent ones:

  • Unsuccessful first sexual experience can trigger the development of various phobias and, of course, lack of self-confidence;
  • Fear. Some men are so scared not to satisfy their partner and not to meet the expectations that they are not able to fully engage in sex. It is worth noting that this is not a rare phenomenon. A strong dismay at a critical moment can lead to a lack of erection;
  • Dissatisfaction with the partner;
  • Aversion to the partner;
  • Complexes about the size of the genital organ;
  • Depression.

Erectile dysfunction: physiological causes

What are erectile dysfunction causes in older men?

  • The sexual problem can be associated with obesity and detrimental habits (see how smoking affects erection quality). Frequent use of alcohol or drugs contributes erection deterioration;
  • Sometimes, an erection may disappear before sex due to various diseases (which lead to erectile dysfunction);
  • Physical fatigue can provoke male sexual disorders as well. If a man works physically for a very long time without a normal rest, this negatively affects his sexual activity;
  • Do not underestimate the negative impact of irregular sex. The absence of constant sexual contact with a certain partner can lead to male sexual problems.

Loss of erection during sex: treatment

Viagra - feel the power!At the first erectile dysfunction signs, you should consult a doctor. If you have an erectile dysfunction diagnosis, you can solve this problem in various ways. You can use methods of traditional medicine, specially designed gymnastics or Kegel exercises, a healthy lifestyle and taking necessary erectile dysfunction medications.

For example, you may try PDE5 inhibitors, such as Viagra, Viagra Soft Tabs, Viagra Professional, Viagra Super Force and other generic versions with Sildenafil active ingredient. The pills are effective in 90% of cases. After the intake of the tablet, the male body is ready to develop several persistent erections needed for several sexual acts. Important: the drugs act only in presence of sexual stimulation and sexual arousal, so the risk of uncontrolled erection is excluded. These drugs are fast and safe for the health even if taken on an empty stomach. You may buy the best erectile dysfunction pills online at an affordable price. Explore new pleasure with generic Viagra right now!

If your erection disappears before or during sex, it’s an alarm bell. Perhaps, your body is exhausted and needs rest. Walk more in the fresh air, do sports, get rid of bad habits and you will feel how your life changes for better!