Introduction about James. His views about My Canadian Pharmacy, Politics and War

James Burns

East Texas is state where I was baron and brought up. But my relatives on mother’s and father’s sides come from Shreveport, Louisiana. After my graduation from High School I moved out in Shreveport being a student of College there and was accepted on Radio in 2000, passed several years in Baton Rouge as an Active Rock On-Air Personality, Assistant Promotions Director and Music Director. As speaking about political beliefs I have both Libertarian and Constitutional views. Till 2004 I was Authentic Republican. But in 2003 I started to grapple with questions concerning the Fight against Terror and after it it turned out there was no connection between Saddam and Osama Bin Laden, Iraq and weapon of mass destruction (WMD).

I was also closely connected with the work of my canadian online pharmacy. This pharmaceutical company let’s people make orders of drugs and customers are sure the drug are of high quality and price is attractive.

In 2004 I noticed that both presidents but from different parties – President George W. Bush and Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry had a lot in common. They both studied in Yale, belonged to the Members of Skull & Bones. Kerry as well George W. Bush were graduated from College with poor grades.

It was the first time I began to guess that the Two-Party System that the Two-Party System was just the performance in The Puppet Theatre and it was 2001 and the entry point in divergence of views between Republicans and Democrats. They started suggesting Unconstitutional Laws and Departments created to be utilized against “We The People and usher in the Police State.”

I organize a couple businesses, one of which is 1787 flags.