How to Improve Erectile Function: Popular Methods

How to Improve Erectile Function

Many men are interested in how to improve erectile function. Erectile dysfunction is an unpleasant male sexual disorder, but if you start treatment on time, you can get rid of this condition pretty quickly.

Below in the article:

  • How to improve erectile function – nutrition and lifestyle
  • Physical exercise
  • Erectile dysfunction natural treatment
  • Drug treatment: Viagra and Cialis Soft Tabs for erectile dysfunction

How to improve erectile function – nutrition and lifestyle

Before starting erectile dysfunction treatment, it is necessary to determine what has reduced male potency. The urologist or andrologist will help you do this. If they can not determine erectile dysfunction causes, you may get examination by other specialists.

If you see that failures in bed are haunting you regularly, this is an alarming call. If problems are not provoked by various diseases or traumas and have appeared as a result of an incorrect way of life, it’s time to change anything.

Bad habits. Alcohol, smoking and drugs are one of the main killers of potency and sexual abilities. Therefore, if you decide to get rid of erectile dysfunction, you should, first of all, get rid of bad habits.

Food. Violation of erectile function can be triggered by a shortage of vitamins A, E and B. They are necessary for a normal erection. Therefore, be sure to include in your diet:

  • Nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts);
  • Fruit (citrus fruits, figs, pomegranate);
  • Vegetables (necessarily – turnip, onion, garlic, parsley with dill);
  • Meat (game);
  • Dairy products (cheese, milk, kefir);
  • Seafood and fish oil;
  • Honey.

Physical exercise

It’s impossible to improve erectile function without regular physical exercise. You can choose any kind of physical activity (running, cycling, gym, Kegel exercises, etc.).

Sedentary lifestyle negatively affects male sexual power and deteriorates blood supply.

Exercise maintains health that positively affects the male potency. However, there are some nuances here: not all sports are beneficial for potency.

  • Useful kinds of sports. Active sports are useful. These are running, football, basketball and other sports games, swimming, wrestling and martial arts (without injury). It is also useful to visit the fitness club, including weight-lifting exercises. The cardiovascular system is actively working during the exercises, the blood flows to the pelvic organs. Also, physical exercises, especially power exercises, activate testosterone production, so a man can feel physical attraction immediately after medium intensity sessions.
  • Harmful sports. Sport types that have a negative impact on men’s health are “sedentary”: cycling, rowing, chess and others. It is not recommended to engage in cycling because of constant pressure on the perineal area. An hour of cycling once a week does not affect male potency in any way, but more active cycling can cause erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other unpleasant consequences.

Erectile dysfunction natural treatment

ED natural treatment

It is possible to improve erectile function with the help of natural methods of traditional medicine. Of course, one should not expect the fastest effect from these methods, but the regular use of medicinal infusions will give a good result.

Important: be sure to consult a doctor before staring self-treatment with folk methods. Some plant substances may be unsafe if the dosage is incorrect. Also, such treatment can have a negative effect if there is personal intolerance of the product.

  • If you want to restore potency, thyme is indispensable. 100 grams of dry herbs should be poured with ½ liter of boiling water. You may drink the infusion during the day.
  • Tea is a unique remedy for potency. Mate, black, green and Ivan tea can have a positive effect. In the old days, men used tea from hops. To prepare it, you need 1 tbsp of crushed cones. Pour the product with 250 ml of boiling water and wait for 30 minutes.

Viagra and Cialis Soft Tabs for erectile dysfunction

There are various methods erectile dysfunction treatment. One of the most common and effective methods are PDE5 inhibitors.

  • For example, Viagra with Sildenafil active ingredient. The drug is safe and efficient for patients with male sexual disorders. The drug is also approved for patients with cardiopathy and hypertension. With a regular intake of Viagra, you will feel that you have become more active and confident after 2 weeks. And after 2 months you can completely eliminate erectile dysfunction (the result of clinical studies);
  • Cialis Soft Tabs (Tadalafil) is another effective and unique erectile dysfunction medication. Its main advantage is the duration of the action. According to clinical studies, the active substance Tadalafil acts for 30 hours! During this time, the male body is ready to develop up to 10 persistent erections (the result of clinical studies, in reality the effect may be different) as a result of sexual stimulation.

You can buy generic Viagra, Cialis Soft Tabs and other erectile dysfunction pills online at low prices. Regain your bright sex life!

The weakened erectile function is not a sentence. Increase potency and libido, change your lifestyle and diet, exercise, follow the instructions of your doctor – and your sexual life will sparkle with new colors!